J. Luna Gaudi is Santa Fe's premiere intuitive artist working in mixed media, painting, sculpture and textiles.  Her vision of her work is about humane practices, recycled beauty, and spiritual explorations.  These themes run through all her work; imagery and textiles.  She describes her art as old world meets modern, pushing and pulling both styles.  She draws on her Spanish and Polish unique background to flavor her artwork.

Her core authentic standard running through all of her work is clear: there must be an emotional connection between the artist and the final painting for herself, and ultimately for the viewer.  Her talent is innate and she prefers it that way - she believes in pure integrity of the artist vantage point and cultivated skills to produce art, rather than formal sterile training offered to the masses, or the influence of other's ideals.

Harmony moves her to use a variety of techniques ensuring a negotiated process working them to finish in concert together. While her current work can be described as 'of the moment,' her history creating work spans over 15 years.  Her newest focus has been cultivated for the past few years, and evolves with each work produced. 

Music of many varieties instills creativity into her work and she conduits the emotional commentary of the music into the artwork. Always one to push herself, her work is a dichotomy of beauty and raw humanity. Each piece reflects deep inner musings, ideas, feelings and weaves those together into a fabric of integrated intuition.   She is never at a loss for inspiration in her imagery and products.

She can be contacted for customized or current works for sale.
"My Art is not perfect, but the love I put into it is."   J. Luna Gaudi
J. Luna Gaudi
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